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Airhead is a puzzle and exploration game, unfolding in a sprawling world inspired by the metroidvania genre.

You play as Airhead, a headless Body and its companion, the leaking airfilled organism Head, on an adventure to save Head from deflating for good.

Along the way, Airhead must explore their beautiful interconnected world, use Head’s unique abilities to overcome devious puzzles, and contend with strange creatures and dangerous machines.

As you play, you will unlock new abilities, deepen Airhead relationship, and discover the lost history of their strange world.


Airhead is a personal narrative of companionship, discovery and responsibility, told completely through environment and gameplay.

A mysterious machine is responsible for tearing the Head apart, leaving it to die, and it’s up to Body to keep it alive long enough to reunite it with its stolen air source.

Body’s goal is noble, but saving Head interferes with the natural order, upsetting the fragile balance between machines and organic life in Airhead’s word. And while Airhead cares little for the consequences of their actions, their journey will inevitably leave a lasting impact on the world.

At the heart of Airhead's story lies questions about responsibility, the value of a life, and what we are willing to sacrifice to save a friend.


Airhead's Creators

Airhead is being developed by the small and dedicated studio Octato.

Octato was born to make games that stay with the player long after they have been completed, telling relatable stories through atmosphere and gameplay. It is our goal that Airhead will be the introduction to a new fictional world, where we can keep telling stories for many games to come.

Andreas Bødker co-founded Octato and is the games creative director. He has been imagining Airhead for a decade, while working on animation and other games. He finally got the opportunity to focus on the game when it received funding in 2018.

For Andreas, Airheadis a passion project, taking him back to the creative freedom of his teenage years experimenting with game design on his Commodore VIC-20.

Airhead’s story is very important to Andreas, reflecting themes that he feels are both essential and deeply human. He is especially interested in exploring personal responsibility in a complex world and the role of technology in saving our environment.

To him, Airhead is a deeply personal story, that can only be told by combining gameplay and the unique visual style he has chosen for the game. But the gampelay is more than just a storytelling tool, designed from the begining with the mindset that if you create a game you would love to play, others will love it too.

And while Airhead is undeniably a collaborative effort by all of Octato, it’s Andreas’ passion that has drawn us together and helped us fall in love with Airhead.

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